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Becky Warnock is an artist and organiser whose work engages with the politics of representation and questions of identity; interested in authorship, her practice is rooted in participation and community engagement.

Daniel Regan is a photographic artist specialising in complex and difficult emotional experiences, focusing on the transformational impact of arts on mental health building on his own lived experience.

Mark Murphy is an artist working with print from the last 60 years to create both analogue and digital collages that play with graphic composition, juxtaposition, space, scale and surrealism.

James Kirby is a photographer based in West Sussex. This image comes from his ‘Candids’ series. Alongside his photography practice he has worked for many years with vulnerable young people in social care settings as a project worker and mentor. He looks for opportunities to bring these two worlds together. 


Corridor Art Box Postcards

Commissioned Artists 

Nilupa Yasmin is an artist & educator interested in the notion of culture, self-identity and anthropology combined with her love for handcraft and photographic explorations, drawing upon her own South Asian heritage.

Lucy Joyce is an artist based in London, graduating with an MA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in 2013.